Terms of Service

Dj Uhrbak has provided atmospheric music vibes for both small and large venues, always putting the customers’ experience at the forefront. It is crucial for both parties to agree on a set of terms and conditions that outline what you can expect from us as a client, and what we expect from you. These terms are designed to ensure that you receive the best possible solution and ultimately enjoy an amazing party with your satisfied guests.

If you have any questions or need further clarification about our terms of service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by
email: terms@christinauhrbak.org.


Payment and Invoicing:

〉 Upon order confirmation, advance payment of 100% of the order is required.

〉 Any additional purchases in the evening will be paid in cash at the venue.

Dj Uhrbak reserve the rights to change the indicated prices at any time if this becomes necessary. The price at the time of ordering is the current price for the purchase.

Dj Uhrbak reserves the right for misprints, price errors, VAT and tax changes, out-of-stock items and overbooked data as well as delivery failures from our suppliers.




In the run up to the event, preparations might be needed. This could be rental of external gear, transport coordination or playlist wishes and curation. Please note the following time frames:

〉14 days prior to event start:  Date or location change ( transport may need to be re-booked )

〉 48 hours prior to event start: Other changes like renting gear or changing total music genre.

Playlists and song requests prior to and on set are always welcome.

We understand that plans can change. Simply reach out, and we will assist you in making ends meet.


When the booking information has been concluded, we will send an order confirmation that simply summarises what we have agreed. These are approved by you for the record by payment and as a security check that it is the correct address, the correct telephone number, etc. Your event is now high priority in our schedule and we will quietly begin the preparations.

In the unfortunate case of cancellation:

〉14 days prior to the agreed date: The full amount will be refunded minus a fee of $250,00 USD ex VAT.

〉7 days prior to the agreed date: 50% of the agreed order is required.

〉24 hours prior to the agreed date:  The full amount of the agreed order is required.


Damage to rented equipment:

It is the lessee’s responsibility to return the equipment in the same condition as when it was received. Any damages incurred will be invoiced to the tenant.

Please note that Dj Uhrbak cannot be held liable for any damage to floors, walls, or any equipment at the venue.

We highly recommend taking these measures to prevent any potential issues:

〉 Cover the walls and floors in case of spillage during the event.

〉 Ensure that barrels with ice cubes are placed on a water-resistant floor

〉 Place the equipment in appropriate locations where damage is unlikely to occur.

In the unfortunate event that any damage occurs to the rented equipment, the venue holder is kindly requested to take responsibility for settling the invoiced amount. Your prompt payment will greatly contribute to the smooth resolution of any equipment-related concerns.


Insurance and compensation:

Dj Uhrbak take great care and look after the property, valuables and fixtures in the places where we work for our clients. This is not to say that damage cannot potentially occur. We have not experienced it before, but it is never possible to say when the accident would happen.

Our services does not cause any damage, but if you are very sensitive to a fine floor or carpet, we recommend that you cover the floor/carpet with something so that no one has to think about the guests spilling the high heels scratches or the like.

Remember that the Dj is a popular focal point and there will be a lot of activity in the bar. It is therefore your responsibility that the Dj area is a place that is suitable for great activity.

We therefore disclaim any responsibility for damage arising in connection with our service, unless we have acted culpably.



We love to showcase our customers. We do this by having a public list of some of our large customers, so that others can see who we have done business with. If you, as a customer, do not wish to appear on this list, please unsubscribe by emailing us at unsubscribe@christinauhrbak.org.


Personal information:

Dj Uhrbak is responsible for correct handling of sensitive personal data. We treat all information strictly confidential and store this according to the law. We comply with the Personal Data Act, which means that you have the right to gain insight into the information we have about you as a customer at any time. Only people associated with Dj Uhrbak have access to this information. 

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